What do we do?

We organise ecological events: workshops, company meetings in the spirit of zero waste, eco-festivals or stands with ecological products. 



We cooperate with corporations, companies and institutions from a variety of industries that share our concern for the protection of the planet and seek to minimise their environmental impact. We are active in promoting, creating and implementing green ideas, behaviours and solutions. 


Through our green events and campaigns and our cooperation with various entities, we want to inspire others to take action to go green and create a better world for future generations.

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Who are we?

Eco Stories is a brand that is passionate and committed to the environment. Our mission is to promote healthy lifestyles and corporate social responsibility towards our planet. We believe that every company has the potential to make positive changes, and we want to be a support in this process.

We specialise in organising events in an eco spirit. During our events, we introduce environmentally friendly ideas such as zero waste, recycling and promoting a healthy, green lifestyle!

We believe in the power of small steps. That is why we encourage our clients to take gradual and conscious steps towards environmental protection. We help create and implement action plans that take into account environmental considerations. Our team is full of creativity and innovation to provide our clients with unique and effective solutions.

We invite you to join us on an ecological adventure! We insist that our events are inspiring and sustainable for the environment. Working together, we can be a force for change and show that ecology can and should be an integral part of any company’s operations. 

Our philosophy?

Ecology is at the heart of our business. We use new technologies in the planning and execution stages of our events. We support companies in introducing green initiatives and strive to create a more sustainable future together.


We consistently use natural materials for decoration in our events. We place great importance on the use of biodegradable crockery and cutlery and promote the use of reusable branding materials. 


“We are the first generation aware of climate change and the last to make a difference” – this inspirational quote by Barack Obama encourages us to actively take decisive and effective action for a sustainable future. 


We are proud of our long-standing commitment to green practices and are happy to share our knowledge and experience with our clients. After each event, we segregate waste and run workshops to educate on the correct way to segregate. 

What do we offer?

We support companies, corporations and institutions in their first steps on the eco-friendly path while establishing partnerships with local creators and producers of eco-friendly materials. 

Our services are aimed at those companies that want to make positive changes in their operations and take responsibility for the environment.

Our offer is comprehensive and includes training courses, workshops, meetings and picnics for companies, where we focus on simple but highly effective environmental activities. Through our training and workshops, we help companies to act in the spirit of ecology and zero waste. We give practical tips, provide tools and share our knowledge so that together, we can make a difference for the better. We show that every company has the potential to act in accordance with environmental principles and help them find individual solutions tailored to the needs and capabilities of their organisation.


Eco-events for companies

We organise eco-events for companies, specialising in environmentally friendly ideas such as zero waste, recycling and healthy living. We create unique events that can be adapted to different themes in line with the eco-event concept. Through training, workshops, meetings and picnics for companies, we implement simple but very effective eco-friendly activities. Our events combine fun, education and the promotion of sustainable practices. 

Invite us to work together to create unforgettable eco-events that combine joy and care for the planet.

Events and promotional activities

We offer a variety of events and promotional activities related to eco-products. Our offer includes event attractions aimed at participants of all ages. We provide decorations and eco-attractions such as a relaxation eco-zone, mini e-mobility zone, flow bike, painting a picture on an eco-canvas, XXL wooden games, eco-driving lessons, eco-survival, eco-VR, eco-fair and many more. With such attractions, your company can be seen as environmentally and socially conscious.

Let’s prepare together a memorable event that promotes an ecological approach and engages participants in active environmental action.

Eco-city and outdoor games

We organise ecological outdoor games that strengthen employee relationships and highlight your company’s commitment to the environment. Our eco-games are extremely interesting and engaging, and participants can learn how to work together optimally as a team while gaining knowledge about ecology and sustainability. 

We can plan a game outdoors, where participants will engage in ecological challenges and tasks, or indoors, where we will use innovative technology to create a green game environment


We offer a comprehensive organisation of eco-workshops that focus on themes such as zero waste, upcycling, recycling and nature. We offer a variety of workshops such as eco-crafting, eco-cosmetics, eco-DIY carpentry, eco-planting, eco-segregation, eco-fashion and eco-design and much more! During our workshops, participants have the opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge related to ecology and discover opportunities for the creative use of ecological materials and raw materials.

Join our environmental workshops and discover how we can work together to protect the environment and create a sustainable future.

Outdoor eco-events

We invite you to discover the magic of outdoor eco-events, which combine the pleasure of spending time outdoors with care for our environment. Our outdoor eco-events offer unforgettable experiences in harmony with nature. We can organise a variety of activities such as eco-picnics, eco-tours, eco-sports, workshops in nature or environmental activities for children and adults. Our outdoor eco-events are an opportunity to relax and expand your knowledge of ecology.

Join us and enjoy unforgettable moments surrounded by nature, fully sustainable.

Eco-friendly gadgets

Eco-friendly gadgets are an excellent gift idea for employees, contractors and key business customers. They allow your company to be perceived as environmentally and socially conscious. Our range includes various products such as wooden calendars with your company logo, modern bamboo crockery and cutlery, engraved watches made from wood, designer thermal mugs with natural cork, notebooks made from recycled paper, and many other attractive suggestions. 

By choosing our eco-friendly gadgets, you not only care about the satisfaction of the people you are gifting but also about the planet.

Trade fairs, conferences and training courses

We offer comprehensive organisation of trade fairs, conferences and training courses with an ecological theme. Our team will ensure perfect preparation and execution of the event, which will focus on environmental issues, sustainability and eco-innovation. We work with experts and speakers who will share their knowledge and inspiring success stories related to ecological practices. 

Together, we can contribute to building a better, more sustainable future for our planet.

Eco catering

 Our eco-catering is the ideal solution for companies who want to take care of the environment when organising an event. We offer fully organic food that is not only tasty but also prepared with care for the environment. We use eco-friendly food packaging that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. In addition, we offer eco-cutlery and other eco-friendly substitutes that can be used at your event. 

With our eco-catering, you can enjoy delicious food while knowing you are doing something good for the planet.



Take a look at our exciting realisations, which are full of eco-friendly innovations! 

Are you ready for an exciting journey through the world of our events with an eco-spirit? Find out what amazing experiences we can create for your company using natural materials, eco-friendly attractions, eco-catering and many other eco-friendly solutions. See what environmental benefits we can achieve together!

Interia eco-town Earth Festival Uniejów

We created an eco-town for the Interia brand and promoted an eco-friendly approach to the changes around us.

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We act for the climate: Eco workshops

We organised a Christmas eco-workshop for children on behalf of the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

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Marketing with an eco-spirit

We have developed and implemented concepts for eco-friendly initiatives for visitors to Volvo brand car showrooms.

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